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Exposed: the head of Hezbollah’s Unit 108 responsible for smuggling the Iranian missiles from Syria to Lebanon


The Saudi news website “Elaph” that once hosted an exclusive interview with lieutenant general Gadi Eizenkot, in which he offered to share information regarding Iran, now discloses new details about the head of Hezbollah’s Unit 108. The Damascus based unit is responsible for the Iran-Syria and Syria-Lebanon smuggling routes and the and the convoys from Damascus to the Organization’s warehouses in the Lebanese Beqaa valley.

According to the website, the Unit is run by Mohammed Jaafar Kassir, also known as “Hajj Fadi”. Hajj Fadi is from the Dir Kanon Al Nahar village in southern Lebanon, part of a known and respected shi’ite family. His brother is Ahmed Jaafar Kassir, 18 years old from a village near Tzur, who was labeled by Hezbollah “The organization’s first Shahid”. The brother’s name is tied to November 11th, 1982, the day of the first Tzur disaster in which he was killed.

Hajj Fadi is very close to the Hezbollah leadership, especially to the secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah. Since his brother, Hassan Kassir, is Nasrallah’s son in law, he’s considered a household member and is trusted by Nasrallah for complicated and sensitive missions.

Lately, it seems that the weapon-smuggling operations from Syria to Lebanon for which he is responsible, fail repeatedly due to Israeli bombings. These failures raise doubts and questions in regards to the quality of Hajj Fadi’s work and his secret and sensitive unit. Its been claimed recently that Fadi misused his role and the war in Syria for smuggling drugs and tobacco into Lebanon and began living a luxurious lifestyle in mansions that he bought in Syria and Lebanon.

In addition, he is considered to be close with a high-ranking Hezbollah senior named Noor Shaalan, who is responsible for the organization’s money laundering, and whose name was put on the US financial sanctions list. According to the site’s sources, Hajj Fadi has relations with several women at once, in Syria and Lebanon (similar criticism was made in regards to former Hezbollah chief of staff, Mostafa Badr Al Din, who was killed in Syria). Even with those speculations and suspicions,

Hajj Fadi still enjoys Nasrallah’s trust and support, likely due to the fact that he’s been in the this field for 20 years. The site states that even though he’s responsible for the most sensitive unit in Lebanon, his lifestyle and his connections to criminals in Syria and in Lebanon expose and rism his unit, as stated by sources close to the organization. These sources are frustrated with the fact that while the organization suffered thousands of killed and injured in the war in Syria and also entered a financial crisis, Mohammed Kasir and his brother Hassan used their status for personal gain and a luxurious lifestyle.

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